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The Romans had already discovered the healthy effects of thermal springs on the current location of Budapest, however, the culture of bath started developing only in the Turkish times.

Since its building in 1918, the Gellért Spa was one the most prestigious thermal bath on the Buda side of the city. Gellért Spa is famous for its main hall with gallery and glass roof, built in the Art-Nouveau style, sparkling bath and open-air pool with artificial waves. The bath is decorated with a numerous Art-Nouveau furnishings, artistic mosaics and sculptures.

Skip the line Entrance ticket

Full Day ticket that includes a cabin usage
Not includes: towels, flip flops
Towel rental is available in Gellért Baths

Entry ticket + 20 min long Aroma Massage

This is a calming, gentle massage done with slow and soft techniques. High quality, skin-friendly oils are used for the treatment, its main purpose is relaxing the muscles.

Entry ticket + 45 min long Harmony Aroma Relax Massage

This 50 minute long full body relaxing massage is based on the popular aromatherapy method. Four different types of fragrance oils may be used for the treatment, jasmine, rose, citrus and luxury for men. Pick the one for you!

Entry ticket + 45 min long Royal Thermal Massage

This stronger massage is based on Swedish techniques, it is truly an all-around treatment, not focusing on any specific part of the body, but providing a general healing, rehabilitating effect.

Entry ticket + 60 min long Royal Thermal Extra Massage

The massage uses special Swedish techniques, for healing, rehabilitating effect. A medicinal lotion extract from 56 herbs are used for special therapeutic care on one problematic area of the body, chosen by the client. This version is with extra facial and foot massage.


1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4.

By booking your tickets in advance, can be avoided the often long-time waiting in the queue in front of the bath. Fast & easy entrance through our separate Welcome-desk.